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Tristar Deck and Fence offers porch construction services for both residential and commercial clients in Nashville, TN and surrounding areas.

Porch Builder Nashville

Imagine your family enjoying a leisurely meal or hosting an intimate party for your neighbors from the comfort of your new porch…

Sounds lovely doesn’t it?

Adding a porch to your home can increase the value of your home fast, give you more space, and give you a few extra benefits like a place to enjoy all the perks of the outdoors.

Porch Construction

Types of Porches

Screened Porches


Keep the bugs away

Revel in nature without being bothered by insects and bugs.

Being outside can be a pleasant experience until you start dealing with swarms of mosquitoes, flies, bees and wasps. A screened porch allows you to enjoy the great outdoors while keeping the pests where they belong (far away from your face).

A Second Family Room

A screened-in porch is the perfect place to make new memories with your family. The enclosed porch allows the family to spend time together, eat, play games, and have great conversations.

Since a screened-in porch can be divided from the rest of the house, it provides you and your family another space to take a nap, read a book or find some peace and quiet.

Open Porches

Porch Builder Nashville

An open porch is a great option if you’re looking for an outdoor space where there’s nothing separating you from the fresh air. Open porches in Nashville provide protection from nasty weather and plenty of shade, and can also help add an HGTV-esque finish to your backyard. Depending on the function in mind, they also work well as part of an outdoor living combination space where you can add features like adjoining decks and patios, or outdoor kitchens.


Be One With Nature

Open porches offer an extra space for entertaining, relaxing, or simply enjoying the fresh air and views of your outdoor surroundings. They can be used as additional living space, creating more functionality within your home.

Additionally, open porches can provide comfortable protection from elements such as rain and snow, while still allowing you to enjoy the fresh air. They can be customized with different shades or awnings to give even more protection from the sun.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Whether you choose traditional wood framing or more modern materials such as aluminum or steel, open porches can add a touch of style to your home. They can also be customized with different finishes and elements to match your preferences and help create the perfect outdoor space. Overall, an open porch is a great way to enhance both the function and aesthetics of your home in Nashville.


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