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We offer deck repair services to residential and commercial clients in Nashville and nearby areas. Before deciding to tear down and rebuild your deck, consider deck repair to save a lot of time, money, and headache.

Deck repair that leaves 

jaw-dropping results 

Don’t tear down that old rickety deck just yet..

Try saving yourself some time and money first. If you’re a Nashville property owner looking to maximize your previous investment in an outdoor deck, consider giving that deck a face lift first. We can help in any situation you have such as porch, deck, or patio.


Deck repair is the process of removing and replacing all of the existing deck boards, stairs, posts, and railings on an outdoor wooden deck or composite deck. Deck repair can be a cheaper way to get the look you want and is faster than building a brand new deck. Increase your return on investment, boost backyard function, and make your home look like the talk of the neighborhood again.

With a properly repaired deck, Nashville homeowners can be sure that their structure will be up to code and safe for use. The improved durability provided by modern decking materials also helps ensure that a Tristar deck repair job will last for decades.


Before getting started on repairing your deck, we do some research to answer a few questions:

  • What condition is the original structure in

  • How has the structure aged over time?

  • Are there any new building codes to consider?

  • Are the footings showing signs of wear?

  • Is the structure securely attached to the home and in good shape?

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