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Tristar Deck and Fence provides residential and commercial clients with quality custom deck design and installation services in Nashville, TN and surrounding areas.

Modern Deck Construction Services in Nashville, TN

Having an outdoor deck will be the perfect experience for you and your family.

After a long day of work, imagine coming home to the peacefulness of crisp fall evenings surrounded by the Nashville skyline; hosting family barbecues and gatherings with friends in the cozy atmosphere of wood-fueled warmth.

Your outdoor deck can be designed in any style you can imagine, and will let you explore all the wonderful pleasures nature has to offer. Our team of experts will guide you to make a great decision between woods or composite

deck construction

Strengthen connections with family & friends

Spend beautiful summer afternoons reconnecting with friends and family on your deck that offers space and comfort for everyone. Inhale the aroma of burgers on the grill and freshly-cut grass wisping through the air. Feel the warmth of laughter from those you love enjoying each other’s company.

The fun isn’t limited to just the adults. Your kids (and everyone else’s) will love the new addition too. Build picture-perfect birthday parties on your new deck that offers an easy area to clean up and gives kids the freedom to run and play outside til their hearts are content. If you have teenagers, an outdoor deck can provide a safe space for them to hang out.

Celebrate life’s special moments and create lasting memories for your family, friends and neighbors for years to come by adding a new deck to your home.

This is your space to shine.

Rediscover the beauty right in your backyard

When you decided to buy your home, you made a brilliant decision.

You deserve to live it up a little.

Have all the goodness of the outdoors with the comfort of a living space you can call your own

A stress-free space to unwind and reflect.

A private getaway where only you and your favorite glass of wine can escape to.

A top-of-the-line sports bar right in your backyard.

    Or whatever.

    It’s your house. You make the rules.

    With a Tristar outdoor deck, there is something special waiting around every corner!

    Add guaranteed value to your property

    First things first, one of the best benefits of adding a deck to your home is that it will increase the value of your property. A deck will increase your home’s value more than adding a living room or an extra bathroom! If there is one home remodeling project that you can count on adding value to the home, it’s a deck.

    And don’t limit yourself to just tables and chairs, expand your possibilities of what your space can become with added features like an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, or entertainment center. We will maintain the value will out exceptional deck repair.

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